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Kills Lot’s Wife For Looking Back


Literacy is an important skill that is fundamentally necessary for living a life worth living. That is, it is possible to live without learning to read, but it will be a very deprived life because so much depends on the ability to read and comprehend what is being read.

For example, when shopping for a good cell phone plan, it is critical that you understand the terms and conditions of each option so that you get the phone most suited to your needs. While you will select the promo code for Republic Wireless from because of the limitless minutes, unrestricted texts, limitless data and no long-term agreement, instead paying a flat low monthly payment, there are four kinds of plans available.

Thus, you have to be able to read and condense each plan so that you can compare them all and select the one you really need and not the one that you think you need. This ability to read and summarize is important for all of life.

Thus, the person who thinks that God “kills Lot’s wife for looking back over her shoulder – doesn’t punish Lot for drunkenly impregnating both of his daughters.” shows that he has the reading skill of a four-year-old.

When God condemned Sodom and Gomorrah to be destroyed, Lot and his family were the only ones who were warned to flee the destruction, the rest of the inhabitants being evil and doomed to die. The angels told Lot that they could not do anything until he and his family fled.

So he did, though his future sons-in-law did not believe him and refused to leave. So Lot fled with his wife and two daughters, the angels leading them out by the hand. The angels gave them specific instructions to not look back and to flee to the mountains.

Lot negotiated an intermediate safe haven, a small town that they could go to and be saved from the disaster. The angels granted the request. But Lot did not negotiate the restriction not to look back.

So when God rained down burning sulfur on the cities, Lot’s wife chose to look back and was turned into a pillar of salt. She had deliberately violated the command not to look back. She knew up front that she was not supposed to look back over her shoulder. What is so hard about following that instruction? Was she forced to turn her head? No. No external influence caused her to look back.

Lot’s daughters saw that their future husbands were dead and decided to get pregnant through their father. It is obvious that they manipulated him into a drunken stupor so that each daughter could get pregnant by him. The text says quite clearly that Lot was totally unaware of what was going on each night.

So Lot does not get punished. He did not intend to impregnate his daughters. What is odd is that this assertion that God does not punish lot for drunkenly impregnating both of his daughters does not bring up which command was violated. Exactly which command was that? Hint: it cannot be the commands of Moses, since he would come several generations later.

So at best, this person has a firm grasp of the obvious. Yes, God kills Lot’s wife because she was warned not to do something and no, God does not punish Lot for drunkenly impregnating both of his daughters because there is no clear rule against it and the mitigating circumstances of being intoxicated by his daughters clear him of any responsibility.

Purchasing Plants Online

Gardeners can buy many different kinds of plants at nursery online. You can find shade plants, ornamental plants, outdoor or indoor plants among many other things. You can put together a wide assortment of plants to create a unique garden and decorate your home. Choosing the right plants will be easier if you learn a few things about gardening and selecting the best plants depending on your area and needs.

Shrubbery and roses

There is an online nursery located in Sydney that has an amazing selection of roses and shrubs. Choose deciduous and evergreen types if you would like to plant a variety of shrubs and perennials. This is the best way to make sure your garden will have foliage all year long.

Think about the size and height of your shrubs. You can find the right balance by looking at your garden. Visualize the plants you would like to add to make sure this balance will be preserved. You can find roses at many different garden centers in containers but you can also find a much wider selection on the Internet. You will find plenty of rose specialists and will be able to choose the color you want at an affordable price. Bare-rooted roses are the most affordable option. You can buy some cuttings and train them yourself but this can take years.

Planting fruit trees or plants

Think about adding some strawberry plants to your garden for their red color. Strawberry plants are very inexpensive during the late summer months and the autumn. You can find some cheap bare-rooted plants and buy them in bulk. It is possible to find strawberries and other fruit plants during the spring if you are interested in fruit plants. You can for instance buy some raspberries, currants or other hybrid.

You can find trained trees if you are interested in cherries, apples, apricots, plums or pears. You can save money by purchasing young untrained trees but this means more work. You can easily find these trees all year long but it is best to plant them during the spring or the autumn.

Adding some hedge plants

Hedge plants are a great addition to your garden. Plants like bamboos or conifers can be used for landscaping and privacy. Young bare-rooted plants are very affordable online. These young plants establish easily and are more affordable than larger ones. You can easily train these plants. If you are interested in deciduous hedging, autumn is the best time to plant them. If you are thinking about conifer hedging, wait until the spring. You need to do some research on how to trim and train a hedge to get ideal results.

Putting together a buying check-list

You need to learn more about the ideal conditions the plants you are interested in need. Make sure the plants you buy will adapt to the climate. How much sun do they need? Can they survive the winter? Find out if the plants you want need an alkaline or an acid soil. What will be the final height of the plant? Ask yourself what kind of purpose the new plants will fulfill. You should also learn more about maintenance since some trees lose leaves and sticks.

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