Philanthropy Conferences To Watch Out For

Donating your valuable time, experience and money is essential when you have so much of it. Remember that not everyone in this world is as well off. But if you want to help, how do you select the best philanthropy conferences and charities to enroll with? What is the guarantee that these philanthropy conferences utilize your time, experience, effort and money effectively to help as many people as possible? To help, here are a few of the leading sites and philanthropy conferences that you can register with to show you exactly how they work and the charitable work they do.

The Annual Yale School of Management Philanthropy Conference
This annual conference is one of the best philanthropy conferences held every year. The conference hosts a range of speakers from all over the world but USP of the conference is a focus on the use of modern technology and resources to aid millions all over the world. The Yale School of Management hosts ten to twenty different prestigious speakers from all over the world and registrations are nearly always sold out. Take a look at the Yale Website for registration information and how to proceed for this year’s conference.

The Women’s Annual philanthropy conferences hosted by the Center of Philanthropy at Indiana University
Every year, Indiana University hosts its own prestigious conference that is attended by prominent women leaders from all over the world. This year JP Morgan Chase is the hosting sponsor and women professiona, researchers, leaders and scientists from all over the world have been invited to speak and participate at the annual symposium. The Women’s Philanthropy Institute hosts these annual or biennial conferences to promote women’s philanthropy for the world through study, learning, teaching and knowledge distribution. The conference also aims at expanding and leveraging existing resources for the common good.

The National Center for Family Philanthropy
Although this organization is not as well know, it is one of the few websites or charities that hosts online tele- philanthropy conferences for people all over the world. Events are held every month and they focus on different aspects of family giving and charities. For example, a September conference focuses on building a solid foundation for families, ethics in family philanthropy, retreat for family members and discretionary grants. This foundation aims to improve and focus donations from donor families by helping them achieve their charitable missions and actively view the benefit that their donations have done.

The Center for Reproductive Rights
Abortion is a hot topic at any time and the Center for Reproductive Rights ensures that women all over the world have the right to decide their own reproductive freedom. The unique aspect of this organization is that is made up of a large number of lawyers who can and do a large amount of pro bono work all over the world. Although they do not host philanthropy conferences, their issue is a valid topic that requires attention. The Center does host events that serve to raise awareness regarding reproduction and personal reproductive rights.

The National Council on Aging
This Council is a non profit service and advocacy organization that is headquartered in Washington DC. This organization works with a large number of charities that focus on the elderly and aging to help them.

These are just a few of the philanthropy conferences that are hosted all over the world every year. It is a good idea to try Global Forums to find local philanthropy conferences where you can register for the conferences you like and are interested in. Try the Global Philanthropy Forum for the latest updates on events on all around the world.